Ashton & Co is a Guernsey based law practice specialising in Taxation, Trusts, White Collar crime and Commercial affairs. Headed by Advocate Raymond Ashton, a well-known and respected lawyer.

Dr Raymond Ashton

GUERNSEY, Raymond Ashton’s home island, where he lives and operates his legal practice, is located in the Bay of St Malo, in the English Channel between England and France. Nearer to France than England, the island is 24 square miles and has a population in excess of 60,000. Guernsey is a British Crown Dependency which means that it is under the broad umbrella of Westminster.

Guernsey’s economy is mainly dependent on a stable finance industry which is supported by expert local lawyers and accountants and well regulated international financial services companies. In addition there are good local business services. The island provides a superb and safe lifestyle for its residents with international standard restaurants, friendly local cafes and bars and a large array of water sports and recreational activities.

Raymond is also a dedicated supporter of Manchester City Football Club, where he has had a long and close association including being a one-time shareholder prior to the purchase and expansion of the Club, on and off pitch, by Sheikh Mansour in 2008.

Based on the Island of Guernsey


Many of Raymond’s corporate and personal clients are domiciled outside of the island but historically have financial connections with Guernsey so he is well located to advise on the often diverse structures and financial arrangements and other issues which may arise.

Relocating to Guernsey

In June 2020, Guernsey became the first place in the British Isles to see zero active cases of COVID19, reflecting the island’s robust response in dealing with the worldwide pandemic. This has led to significant interest from people looking to relocate to the island or spend vacation time there.

The Getting to Know Guernsey guide provides lots of information about living on the island.