Buying a business, merging with another company or business or selling up to retire can be complex transactions which need, amongst the practicalities, tax advice on the best route. international jurisdictions.

Ensuring the right approach

Buying a business rather than acquiring the shares may seem more attractive to a buyer because the buyer can select which of the assets are attractive and which of the seller’s liabilities it is prepared to take on. Conversely, most sellers prefer to sell shares due to the tax benefits.

As many companies struggle to maintain profit margins, whether due to regulatory requirements or the after-effects of COVID19, economies of scale can attract mergers with like-minded organisations and it is essential for participating parties to obtain early advice to achieve maximum outcomes.

Preserving the Benefits

Small but profitable business owners may wish to sell their companies and retire to pastures new. Timing is often an important factor in maximising returns and preserving the benefits of their hard work.

Whether acquiring, merging or disposing of business assets, Raymond Ashton has had many years experience of advising business owners small or large.