The central tenet of the various specialist services provided by Ashton & Co is undoubtedly that of forensic accounting.

Unravelling Fraud
& Financial Crime

The ability to ‘follow the money’ and to understand its use is integral of defence in tax investigations, fraud and financial crime, especially money laundering and confiscation proceedings and legal advice is essential at the earliest possible stage.   

The role of forensic accounting in criminal and civil court proceedings is key.    

Raymond Ashton has been involved in many such cases and has a deep understanding of forensic accounting, when business and personal finances are investigated to reveal discrepancies and hidden assets. 

Maximum Asset Protection

Longstanding, historical trust structures and offshore special purpose vehicles have often been incorporated with the true purpose of protection of high net worth individuals and families, and with the attention of tax investigators firmly focused on these areas, the investigation and understanding of the use of these structures is essential to defend attacks and ensure maximum protection of assets.

Supporting takeovers & Mergers

Likewise, in cases of business takeovers and mergers, when business valuation requirement reach a critical stage for the benefit of exiting a business, forensic accounting skills are essential to identify true values and successful outcomes. Commercial dispute resolution needs expert understanding and assessment and Raymond’s expertise and support of clients in these areas is well known.

Small business owners and high net worth individuals and families alike can rest assured seeking professional services and advice from Ashton & Co.

Cross-border information-sharing within corporate groups (HM Treasury, May 2020)